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vyvyan1rick's Journal

I love Rik Mayall and adrian edmondson! Jack sparrow from pirates of the caribbean rocks and im majoly obsessed with the stuff i like! my mates are all mad and im pretty sure they all hate me cause i always talk about nothing but the young ones or bottom and stuff like that, cause the fact is none of them no what they are! they won't listen to me cause they don't like me! im practically insane and the most recent exciting thing thats happened to me is me finding out about bottom and the young ones! ( if you don't know what these shows are and you like comedy then watch them! there amazing!) before i discoverd these things i went throgh a period of my life where i talked about nothing but pirates of the caribbean (great films!) and i spent 31 hours a week watching top gear! anyway, the fact is im mad, strangley intelligent, fat, smelly, unhygenic, ugly , a comical genious, i know about cars and im always hungry! me in a nut shell. VIM FUEGO ROCKS!