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30 January 2009 @ 04:24 pm
i loved a man with all my heart,
i did not know how quick love could depart,
if i told this to all my so called friends,
i would so quickly be condemned.
for leaving the man i wished in vain,
to one day meet, but never again.
they believed i would love him forever,
and so can never except another.
so these feelings i must keep inside,
and will probably lead to my demise.
for the pain i suffer from hidding love,
burns greater than the sun above.
i hope one day people will see,
the love concealed inside of me.
for one man and one man alone,
who took my torn up heart and left it sewn,
with the beauty of the words he said,
and his charm and wit ans the needle and thread.
and one day the world will know,
of my love for this man and this man alone.
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30 January 2009 @ 04:14 pm
i fear almost nothing,
not pain, death or dark.
the only thing i fear,
is the thought that we might part.

i lie in bed and worry,
"will he still love me tomorrow?"
the thought of the love leaving,
just fills me with sorrow.

i see the next morning,
just to see him makes my day.
and as soon as he says "i love you"
all the worry flies away.

his heart is always open,
never afraind to share his feelings,
im glad he feels that nothing,
from me is worth consealing.

its been this way for so long,
and still it carries on,
fighting throug, and keeping true.
the strongest of the strong.
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30 January 2009 @ 03:51 pm
well, i went to see adrian edmondsons band the bad shepherds and after the entire time i was there i was like gobsmacked! i couldn't talk or move and i was like right at the front of the stage practically underneath ade! the entire time i was gobsmacked, i couldn't close my mouth, it was awsome! i waited after the show till quarter past midnight to meet him and when i did i got his autograph made out to me and he sighned a poster for me too. i have the pen he used rapped in paper. i had my photo takenm with him too but it was dark there and i only had my phone so the pic didn't come out to well. but he put his arm round me and i almost fainted and thats good enough for me. i'll never forget it and i just had to write it down some where. so, yeah.
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